Shop at Imelda’s

How to order?

Currently I am part of a Hungarian-only webshop, but this must not mean that you cannot grab what you like. You can place an order via email at In your letter please enclose:

  • which item you want to buy
  • the number of items you’d like
  • shipping method (see below)

Prices vary depending on the item. Please contact for information (naturally this will not bind you to buy anything) or check out the Hungarian webshop for an approximate (the items listed there are in HUF!). Get 10% off if you purchase more than one item!

Shipping and packaging

According to your needs you can choose between 3 different ways of shipping

  • regular post
  • speed post (air mail)
  • in person (Budapest, Szeged, Hungary)

All postal packages are tracked, so they cannot get lost. Digital items arrive online via email or cloud drive. Please note that postal costs are paid by the customer.

I wrap purchased items to my best ability, however, if – due to some external circumstance – your item arrives damaged, please contact me within 5 days and we shall sort out the issue.

Need a custom design?

If you have your own ideas, feel free to contact me, I am also available for hire. Tell me what you have in mind and we can discuss details, dates and prices, it won’t cost you a penny. (The amount of time it takes to complete a design is different from project to project, so I can only answer questions regarding deadlines when I know what I am comissioned for).

Not satisfied? Send it back!

If you are not satisfied or don’t like the item after all, you can send it back within 14 days of the purchase without explenation and you will only be charged the postal costs. (This offer does not include custom-made products or designs).

Please note that my products are my own handmade designs, so your pruchase will be a completely unique, one and only item.