Moving to a new home


After hesitating for far too long time, I have now decided to move to my own domain and host. In the future I will continue blogging at

I packed up some of the more popular old posts but most of them still remain here if you want to check back.

Please come to my virtual cremaillere and have a look around! :)



Starry sleeping mask – DIY do’s and don’ts


You might know by now that my family and I are big fans of sleeping masks. By now I have sewn several of these practical pieces, but during the making of this latest piece I had to admit that I still haven’t learned from my mistakes: it has now become a kind of tradition that every time I sew a sleeping mask, I get two outcomes: one I screw up, the second becomes as nice as planned. So the time has come to write down all my experiences for my benefit as much as yours, so before sewing the next one I can get back here and read through, instead of wasting time and material on a failed attempt.

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