You, me, and a cuppa…

Is there anything more comforting then a cuppa tea? The Brits know this so well, I wonder, whether “Would you like a cuppa?” is the most repeated sentence in British history? If “you” and “me” are around as well, there can hardly be trouble, can it?

This is the newest piece of my tea-themed greeting card collection (you can see the others here, here and here). The wooden button is part of my collection coming from England, the drawing and the text are completely handmade on 300 gram watercolour paper.

The version of tea drunk by my favourite Britons (with milk or cream) sounds rather bizarre ’round here, but the indian version is getting more and more popular. Have you heard of chai latte? This miracle of a drink is made of black tea, milk and some eastern spices. When drunk hot, it lulls you into a christmas-y mood, when on ice, it is the perfect drink for a hot summer. Have you ever tasted chai latte?



4 thoughts on “You, me, and a cuppa…

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, it must be really bad… But I suppose it’s still possible to preserve “tea culture” somehow, substituting tea with some other hot drink.. Though I wonder what that might be, as both green and white tea contain caffeine, as well as cocoa and coffee (of course)…


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