10 random things you didn’t know about me


  1. I am an Anglo-maniac. I am crazy about everything British, films, books, architecture, history, humour, and I am determined to pronounce perfect British accent
  2. Tea or coffee? Both, but more tea. Black, green, white, without anything (sometimes English Breakfast with some milk; see reasons above, but I actually like it a lot)
  3. Zodiac sign: Leo
  4. I hate sports but I’ve been doing ballet since the age of 16 (with some interruptions…)
  5. Favourite series: You rang, Mylord?, Downton Abbey
  6. Pets: many cats (4 back at home with my parents, 1 at my place)
  7. Last thing I ate: kiwi
  8. Favourite piece of clothing: scarf
  9. Favourite authors: Antal Szerb, Virginia Woolf, Agatha Christie, and some more…
  10. I’d like to have a small garden or a balcony at least, where I can grow flowers, herbs, vegatbles and some berries, but I have a horrid sense of gardening and even cacti seem to die under my hands.



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