Shall I put the kettle on?

Do you also like tea? I’ve created a whole series of tea-themed greeting cards (here and here), using these fabulously beautiful wooden buttons I got from England. I used 300 g watercolour paper, and a marker to draw the kettle and write the text. All is completely handmade.

There is absolutely nothing like British tea-culture – naturally I was inspired. There is no problem a nice cup of tea would not solve. We – other nations – are full of stereotypes of course, which are, however, more-or-less true. Sometimes less… Visiting Britain I was rather dumbfounded when I wanted to drink tea at 5PM and the lady in the tea-room said ‘Sorry, we are closed’. I also learned while being there, that although the britons invented this crazy practice of putting milk into black tea, you are not supposed to drink all types of black tea with milk or cream (Earl Grey – a great type afternoon tea – is one you do NOT put milk in).

Such a lovely nation, the British, aren’t they? (I promise I’m not prejudiced, I really do!)



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