And here is the result of many sleepless nights, some hair tearing and a great amount of work:



I’ve felt for some time that the blog was outgrowing tumblr, but I just didn’t know what the next step should be. I dreamed of a flashy homepage, but the deeper I dwelled in the mysteries of webdesign the more I realised: I haven’t reached this point just yet. So I compromised on this new page – which I have learned to like a lot. The new features you can find are:

  • the English and Hungarian versions of the posts are now separated, you can reach the Hungarian version from the upper menu
  • I am present on all sorts of social media sites, you can reach those directly via the buttons at the top of the page
  • there are instant sharing buttons at the bottom of posts (please use them :))
  • you can also comment directly under posts
  • I have created a Portfolio website so you can browse among my stuff more easily
  • I arranged the posts into categories, so it’s quicker to find what you are looking for. If you need a more precise search, use the search button
  • In the About section you can read a bit about me, so I don’t stand behind my creations nameless and faceless anymore.

I hope you like the new version of Imelda Green’s as much as I do, and will browse around the new features. Tumblr will remain where it is, you can go on reading there, except for the minor difference that it will be only English, instead of multilingual.


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