April wallpaper calendar

Here comes the new handpainted calendar for April to download. Enjoy!



Tea for two

I got these beautiful wooden buttons from England, and as soon as I set my eyes upon them, I knew they would be part of a tea-themed collection. This is the first piece of a series of greeting cards. The others shall be less of a love card Рunless you want to declare your love for this cheering drink that tea is. Do you also love tea?



Practising calligraphy

Initially I needed these watercolor texts for my floral calendars, but I have decided to create some more as they were so relaxing to make and can be used up in so many ways. Although I meant them to look like calligraphy, they are in fact pure watercolor, created with a round brush.


Let’s colour #3

I’ve drawn this piece a while ago, but it took a while to colour. Actually I am not a fan of pencils (meaning I am not much good at them), so I’ve decided to use watercolour. It is a bit tricky on adult colouring, as you need a very thin brush for the little details, but it’s just as much fun as with pencils. How do you like it?