5+1 Advent calendars without presents

The first time I was making an advent calendar I ran out of present ideas at the number 5. It is kind of easier with kids, but in  our family adults enjoy the advent calendar as much as the young ones, and soon not only my ideas ran out but my wallet as well. Fortunately there are plenty of ideas how we can count the days till Christmas without actually having to fill little bags every day.


1) Minden napra egy kedves üzenet / a kind word for every day (forrás / source)


2) Csak nyomtassuk ki és tűzzünk egyet a parafa táblára/hűtőre minden nap / Just print it and pin one on your board/fridge every day (forrás / source)


3) Nőjjön a Mikulás szakálla! / Grow Santa’s beard! (forrás / source)


4) Hóember ór®a / Turning the nose of our Snowman (forrás / souce)


5) Karácsonyfa dekorálás egész decemberben / Let’s decorate a Christmas tree all December (forrás / source)


+1) 24 meglepetésfotó a családról annyi, mint minden napra egy mosoly / 24 surprise photos of your family means a smile for every day (forrás / source)


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