Illustrating #01


I was browsing through a Hungarian writing competition for kids between 6-12 years when I found this little poem above. It’s about a pigeon, who catches a passing butterfly, and so the paté falls out of its beak. A cat, (who happens to be standing under) eats up the whole lot. Naturally I was drawn by a story which involves a cat like that, so I created this illustration. Like it?



In a new coat

For those who are as obsessed with stationary as I am, the following situation will be well-known: you’d need a new journal, and you even have a few empty ones at home which you were crazy about at one time, but you don’t like them anymore. However, I decided that this time instead of buying a wonderful new book, I’m going to upcycle an old one (in the name of decreasing the number of unused objects around me). Although after 6 years at the university of architecture I still have trouble with straight lines and my sewing machine needed some persuasion as well, I am fairly satisfied with the result :) My furry friend Franciska decided to help me shooting the pics.


I’m afraid I’m a bit late with calendars, but it’s now I needed it. I’ve been looking for a downloadable calendar but I didn’t really like them. Then I found this lovely piece on the Elli blog, but I happened to fall in love with her 2014 calendar. No prob, I thought, I would drop a 2015 template on it. However, all templates I found started with Sunday in the first coloumn. Now who on earth starts his week with a Sunday? Curious, really… So I had no option but to create my own template and here is the result. If you like it, you can download it here.

Cheers :)



Back to kindergarden

One of my best friends remarked when seeing this picture: “Back to kindergarden, are we?” Some will definitely consider it indecent to paint snowmen at the age of 25, but I enjoy it. :) Initially I planned this painting for a postcard, but I never managed to fit it on the template nicely, so here it is as a downloadable picture. You can print it if you like and use it to your liking.


Had a nice rest?

There is nothing worse then creeping into bed at dawn, then waking only after a few hours’ of sleep to the dazzling sunshine. We’ve experienced this many times, and slowly, sleeping masks have become regularly used objects within the family. They are actually so popular that my mom asked for an extra mask for Xmas and I decided to be creative. This chap is somewhere between a bear, a cat and the mouse, even its eyes are lopsided.